Results for Saturday 31st Combined Training Show at Pendarves

Class 1 – Intro C plus 60cm jumping
1st        Michelle Couch
2nd     Mar Wade

Class 1A – Intro C
1st      Beth Taylor
2nd    Tracey Lamerton
3rd     Margaret Latham
4th     Morgan Bradley
5th     Tanya Pascoe
6th     Kirsty Jones

Class 1B – 60cm jumping
1st       Percy
2nd     Delaney
3rd      Pez
4th      Dan the Lad

Class 2 – Prelim 13 and 70cm jumping
1st     Josh Ladner
2nd   Evie Morris
3rd    Emma Pill
4th    Niamh Booth
5th    Kirsty Jones
6th    Emma Burden

Class 2A – Prelim 13
1st      Laima Davis
2nd    Margaret Latham
3rd     Beth Taylor
4th     Natalie Stevens
5th     Tanya Pascoe
6th    Alison Barnbrook

Class 2B – 70cm jumping
1st       Sidari
2nd     Flow
3rd     Percy

Class 3 – Novice 22 and 80cm jumping
1st      Nicky Lampshire
2nd    Emma Bray
3rd     Karen Hurst

Class 3A – Novice 22
1st      Michelle Couch
2nd    Sue Trudgen
3rd     Sue Graham
4th     Michelle Pepper Smith

Class 3B – 80cm jumping
1st      Ditto
2nd    Tally Can
3rd     No 33
4th     Sidari
5th     Bling
6th     Orla Quick

Class 4 – Novice 38 and 90cm jumping
1st      Deborah Rusden
2nd    Mary Gwennap
3rd     Carolyn Richards
4th     Sarah Higman
5th     Melissa Winn
6th     JulieWatts

Class4A – Novice 38
1st      Sue Trudgen
2nd    Gill Beckerleg
3rd     Sue Graham

Class 4B – 90cm jumping 
1st      Talitha

Class 5 – Freestyle to Music
1st       Gill Beckerleg
2nd     Michelle Pepper Smith


Summer Series Dressage at Pendarves Equestrian Centre – 21st June, 5th and 19th July and 2nd August.

Summer Dressage Show at Colraine Equestrian Centre on Sunday 7th July.

Christmas Charity Dressage Show at Colraine Equestrian Centre on Sunday 9th December.


Cornwall Dressage Group open unaffiliated competitions are held so that riders can assess their stage of training by riding in front of a judge. They are run according to British Dressage rules, with tests at various levels in both short and long arenas. Freestyle to Music classes are run in a 20×60 metre arena.
The same tests are used at each show throughout the season so that by attending all three, improvement can be assessed.
Combined training competitions are run in association with local Riding Clubs. These enable riders to ride a dressage test at their appropriate level and then a show jumping round at the level to suit the horse’s training. At these events pure Dressage and Showjumping only classes are also included. Schedules will be available on this website and in the newsletter.

2016 Hat Rules

A “Riding Hat” designed to provide protection, must be worn at all times when mounted by anyone, whether or not a Competitor, including exercising, warming up and competing.

Hats and hat coversmust be predominately black, navy blue or a conservative colour that matches the riders jacket.

Top hats or uniform caps are permitted as an exception to this rule only for advanced to grand Prix classes (includingFEI Young Rider level) but only for the warm up directly prior to the competition ( which may include riding from the horse box park /stable to the warm up arena) and competition test. If a hat comes off during a dressage test, it must be replaced immediately; the rider may dismount or the hat may be handed to them. The test will be restarted ay the beginning of the movement during which it came off. There will be no penalty or error of course, but if the hat is not replaced the Judge is to eliminate the competitor.

Organisers may require that under 21 riders are to wear protective hats at all levels, if this is stipulated in the schedule. Organisers may also prescribe venue specific rules that are stricter than stated if clearly shown in their schedules.

protective head wear must meet one of the following standards:-

British– All PAS 015, VG1 ( Provided they are BSI Kite marked)

European- VG1 ( Provided they are BSI Kite marked)

American- All SEI ASTM F1163 04a onwards and SNELL E2001

Australian and New Zealand- AS/NZS 3838 2003 onwards

British- EN1384, BSEN1384 may be worn until 31st December 2016 but not thereafter.

Harnesses must be correctly fastened at all times whilst mounted. Competitors are strongly recommended to check their hats regularly and to replace them if damaged, or following a fall.

If a rider starts their test without wearing the correct head gear, the judge is to ring th bell and instruct the rider to dismount and leave the arena. at the discretion of the organiser and the judge, the rider may restart the test when properly attired. If a rider fails to comply with the instruction, the organiser is to eliminate the competitor from all classes that day. This will also apply if, as the result of a spot check, a riders hat is found not to comply with the required standard.


1. All pure Dressage competitions are run under British Dressage Rules.
Combined Training competitions are run under BD and British Riding Club Rules.

2. BD Rule 47 approved hard hats done up, with harness must be worn when mounted. Gloves must be worn in the arena.

3. The competitor is the only person allowed to ride the horse on the showground.

4. Permission will NOT be given to lunge on the showground.

5. BD Rule 77g will be strictly enforced. Trainers or other pedestrians are not allowed to stand in collecting rings or practise areas/arenas & must minimise disruption to other riders when helping their client.

6. Horses must not be left tied to trailers/lorries unattended. Please run up stirrups when unmounted.

7. No dogs are allowed at Resparveth on competition days. Where dogs are permitted they must be kept on a lead and please clean up after them.

8. Horses are not permitted to stand mounted or dismounted in the covered entry area at Resparveth. Please move straight through into the warm up and collecting area.

9. You may have your test called, but are invited to donate £1 to our nominated charity.

10. Please declare to the steward in the warm up area and present yourself to the writer when you enter the arena using the correct form of address.

11. Please ask your friends and supporters not to chat at the side of the arena. The intrusion of a conversation is very distracting to competitors, commanders, writers and judges.

12. Payment for entries is due before the start of the competition and not on a class by class basis. All entries must be paid for, there are no refunds for late withdrawals after the closing date of entries. 

13. Please make cheques payable to Cornwall Dressage Group. A bounced cheque will incur an additional handling fee of £10 and further competition entries will then only be taken by cash payment.

14. If unable to attend on the day please telephone the advertised number to withdraw.

15. Objections close half an hour after posting of the class results.
Any objections must be accompanied by a £10 deposit.

16. The organisers reserve the right to cancel, combine or divide any class and to refuse any entry without stating a reason.

17. In the event of any dispute the decision of the CDG committee is final.